WordPress Plugin: Awesome Weather Widget

The graphics found on weather widgets are horrible. I just wanted a super clean weather widget and so I just had to make it myself. My Awesome Weather Widget is the perfect companion to your beautiful and well crafted website. Grab it today!

» Download at WordPress.org

It’s using open weather data from openweathermap.org which so far seems to be reliable.

The widget can also be included on posts and pages with the following shortcode:

[ awesome-weather location="Montreal" units="F" size="tall" override_title="MTL" forecast_days=2 hide_stats=1 ]


  • Location: Enter like Montreal, CA or just Montreal. You may need to try different variations to get the right city
  • Units: F (default) or C
  • Size: wide (default) or tall
  • Override Title: Change the title in the header bar to whatever, sometimes it pulls weather from a close city
  • Forecast Days: How many days to show in the forecast bar
  • Hide stats: Hide the text stats like humidity, wind, high and lows, etc
  • Background: Insert background image. Currently just one. Would love for it to be dynamic, but that’s a whole new level.


  • awesome_weather_cache = How many seconds to cache weather: default 3600 (one hour).
  • awesome_weather_error = Error message if weather is not found.
  • awesome_weather_sizes = array of sizes for widget

» Download at WordPress.org