Roundable - $20.00

Flexibility for Your Small Business

A business WordPress theme with just enough flexibility to be really useful! Roundable is a simple and clean theme that comes with three types of layouts (Extended, Inline & Padded), two finishing touches (Square Corners or Rounded Corners) and 6 color options.

  • ss01-o
  • roundable-ss-00-o
  • roundable-ss-03-o
  • roundable-ss-07-o
  • roundable-ss-10-o

Theme Options:

  • 6 Theme Color Options with ability to copy a set and create your own easily
  • Rounded or Square Corners
  • Header Call to Action placeholder
  • Variety of Google Fonts
  • Social Icons shortcode placeholder
  • Company Information that uses data
  • Company Logo uploader

Uses and supports the following plugins for advanced functionality:

  • Options Framework
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • WooSidebars
  • WooDojo Tabs
  • Gravity Forms
  • Any slider/rotator that uses a shortcode
  • Social Media Icon plugins that use shortcodes

Page Templates:

  • Default
  • Full-width