Ben Shaws Dandelion & Burdock

This can has a very classic look. The black and white picture lets me know that I am in for an Old-Englishman-Working-In-The-Mill-Come-Home-Full-Of-Soot kind of an afternoon, however, the purple says I can put my apron on too if I like. Classic!

The smell is very pleasant. It smells of when I was but a child playing in seas of dandelion and burdoc… wait what is that second ingredient? … Google says it’s some kind of terrifying pointy plant. Here we go…

It kinda looks like a cola but the flavour is really hard to describe. It taste good don’t get me wrong, but you kind of doubt yourself with every drink. ¬†Am I liking it because I want to know what it’s like living in broken and degraded London circa 1871 or do I like it because dandelion is good for my skin? It’s a tough question that you have plenty of time to think about with each slow sip.

This is where it gets tricky and your foreign currency knowledge comes into play. 39 pence converted to Canadian dollars I believe… comes close to $10 and some change. This is pretty standard if you’ve ever been to the UK.

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