Hal To Make an Insane Amount of Money

The Money Guru Hal Gatewood is here to show you how to clean it up at cards and then he’ll follow that up with how to setup a fail-proof proper ponzi scheme. You’re Welcome!

Hal To See Into The Future

My trusty deck of tarot cards will help me figure out the future. If only you knew how it was going to end!

Hal To Reuse a Dead Bird

In this special Earth Day 2020 edition of Hal To, Hal Gatewood gives you five suggestions for discarding unwanted animals that don’t involve the garbage dump.

Hal To Be a Ninja

A master of none, Hal Gatewood shows you how to be a Ninja. Grab the kids, grab a wife and get your duct tape mask ready.

Hal To Floss

Time to dust off my dancing shoes and show these young whippersnappers how to floss.

Hal To Tune Your Own Piano

My friends at BruceMusicStore.com taught me the easiest way to tune your own piano. Follow these steps fast!

Hal To Pick up a Cat Like a Pro

Animal specialist Hal Gatewood shows you how to pick up your feline in a way that is comfortable for the cat as well as yourself. Mind the claws.

Hal To do a Perfect French Braid

This one is for those dads out there with little girls. It can be so hard, but this quick tip will help you out time and time again.

Hal To Pop Shove it to Kick Flip McTwist

In this sports version of Hal To we roll into the world of skateboarding. A dangerous sport really, I should have had the appropriate protective gear. Sorry to the moms out there.

Hal To Delete Your Facebook Account

In just a few easy steps, I’ll show you how to gain precious free time back as well as protect yourself against Facebook’s data miners.

Hal To Train for a Marathon

A marathon takes a lot of training. In this super quick How to video I show you what you need to get your body in tip-top condition.

Hal to Unclog a Drain

Sometimes the build-up gets so uncontrollable even the tear-drops you cry don’t go down that drain! Join us for 10 easy solutions to clear up those unwanted boogers and toothpaste from your pipes.