Yeo’s Grass Jelly Drink Tasting

In a case of mistaken identity, I think that we are about to drink some Black Licorice drink. After having this, I wish it was indeed Black Licorice. Get your floaties on for this one.

Ramune Soda Tasting

In this 4 step Sprite(ish) drink from Japan, we enjoy the experience but not so much the taste.

Bug Juice Drink Tasting

Sophia joins me in one of the wackiest drinks we have had yet. Can you believe they put bugs in a fruit juice?!? Oh, you can’t, well then.

Skittles Tea Tasting

I’m joined in this episode with Rachel, who brings in a family recipe of two types of Herbalife powers mixed into one wacky drink.

Honey Bee Basil Seed Drink Tasting

Seeds in a beverage seems to be the rage these days. This time we test out the fuzzy basil seed. After a quick call with customer support (perhaps Sandra) Donnie Deatherage and I calm our…

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Honey Bee Chia Seed Drink Tasting

I try to stall for as long as I can before drinking this crazy beverage. Also, I couldn’t find an image of this beverage online, that is a huge concern!!