Trick Shot 2

Be Dude Perfect with this super Trick Shot app, the second edition. It will challenge your sense of balance, it will challenge your sense stability, it will challenge your sense of smell.

Tomb of the Mask

In this slider, puzzler, exploder, headache inducer of a game you slide around the screen while collecting things and then you watch ads.

Bacon the Game

In this delightful game, you flip bacon onto things. It’s an idea that comes by once in a lifetime…. wait they have a whole series of these games?!

Geometry Dash

Not sure if I just have the hand eye coordination of a baboon, but I couldn’t get this one going. Sorry nephews!

Instant Birth Control

The best app in the universe comes to your phone. This app (made by me) will stop unwanted pregnancy before there is even any kind of bad behavior. Grab it today.

Pizza Compass

Find pizza quickly with this simple app to get pizza quickly.

Monument Valley 2

The second edition of the lost child video games. We have now lost the mother too. It’s wonderful, but it’s also a Homeward Bound ripoff.


A fun music making app that will drive your parents and grandparents and parents of your grandparents crazy.

Hoppy Towers

Can’t handle the ‘Ads to Revive’ revolution going on in games right now. The games are just not worth the trouble.