PRO: How to Register for Updates

Multisite users: to receive updates you must use add a constant to your wp-config.php file in the root of your site:

define('AWESOME_WEATHER_PRO_LICENSE', 'ejghsdkjbsdflkh43543r4dsfs');

The Awesome Weather Widget PRO can be updated automatically through your admin section. Beginning in version 1.2 of this plugin a new system with license keys was added. If you didn’t receive an email with your new license key, please contact me with your receipt ID or email address used to make the purchase.

First, go into ‘Settings’ -> ‘Awesome Weather’ in your WordPress admin. The first setting on this page is ‘Register for Updates.’ In this field enter your key and then scroll to the bottom and click save.

After the page refreshed and saves, you should now see an ‘Activate License’ button directly below the field. Click on it.

It will give you an error if there is a problem. If it is correct, you should see a green success message at the top of the page and the button will change to ‘Deactivate License.’

To remove a site from your plan, simply click the ‘Deactivate License’ button and it will prompt with a success message or error.

After you have successfully added and activated your key, you will then be notified in the future of new releases. It will look and act just like any other plugin you have installed.


Quick tip: you can also quickly click to the correct section by clicking the ‘Register’ button on the ‘Plugins’ page next to the Awesome Weather Widget Pro plugin.