How to Include Text Blocks in your Theme.

1. Included Widget

There is a widget included with this beautiful plugin. You can give the widget a title and select which block you want to display.

Reusable Text Blocks Widget


2. Shortcode

In the main list view of this plugin you will see the shortcode you need to use in order to put your block in pages and posts. It’s quite simple if you are familiar with shortcodes. If you are not, check out the codex.

Reusable Text Blocks List View

3. PHP Function

If you are stellar (or equivalent) with PHP you can directly add some code to your theme files to make the text block appear. This is #3 on the list because it requires the most knowledge of WordPress and is mostly for Developers. You can use the following code, changing the ID (# 123 in the example below) to the ID of the text block found in the list view.

<?php if(function_exists('show_text_block')) { echo show_text_block(123); } ?>