Responsive Little Piggies

Here is a CSS snippit to add to your theme to make the 3 Little Pigs custom theme only show 1 Little Pig on Mobile devices:

@media only screen and (max-width: 600px) 
.testimonial_rotator .slide .testimonial_rotator_slide_inner { display: none !important; }
.testimonial_rotator .slide .testimonial_rotator_slide_inner:first-child { display: block !important; }

I set the width of the device to 600px in the first line. You can change this to whatever you want.

Note: This simply hides the remaining two testimonials on each line so some of the testimonials will not be seen by the user. If you set the rotator to randomize this will help your users see all of the testimonials.

Why this is the only solution: I use the jQuery Cycle 2 plugin as a base for the rotation of my plugin. A request for similar functionality was made in 2015 with no changes. The comments below the request are hacky and work similarly to the way the CSS above does.