FiLMic Pro and Premiere Pro

Video and Audio not in sync with FiLMic Pro

After two rough days having to re-encode all my footage for my VLOG using Handbrake, I think I’ve finally found the right setup for my FiLMic Pro app and editing in Premiere Pro.

Quick Answer: AIFF Audio

The culprit for my video and audio not being in sync when I import into Premiere Pro seems to be the type of audio selected. Make sure that you have AIFF selected in your audio settings.

From my testing, this seems to work properly in Premiere. Everything else is out of sync. It plays correctly when I view it in preview or Quicktime but once in Premiere everything gets wonky.

This may not solve the problem for you but hopefully, it will give you one more thing to check. At the time of this writing, I could not find a lot of solutions to this problem out there.