Firefly – Britannia

This drink has a really nice label. The texture is soft like an expensive business card and the little picture of the wheel man is smooth. Slick! The side of the bottle tells me “Please peel off this label to make recycling easier. Thanks.” Easier for who? I thought I was the customer and now I’m having to do the leg work also? No thanks.

The smell of this British* drink will remind you of your boat cruise down the River Thames. 2 parts funk, 1 part seaweed, and a quarter part boring.

The bottom of the bottle tries to justify the price by telling you that it is not Thames river water but in fact Raspberry, Blackberry, and Bramley Apple. +Guarana and Ginger. Together at last. With this much horsepower in one container you’d expect your senses to be blasted with flavors, but you are not. I really believe that it is Thames river water that has been strained through a mildly used and partially ‘flavored’ filter.

$4.50 (plus tax) was stripped of my ex-co-workers retirement fund so that I could experience the Thames again. Thankfully his intentions were good.