Stripe Donations for WordPress

Easily add a donate button to your site using Stripe Checkout

The Stripe Donations for WordPress plugin creates a super easy way for your users to donate on your site without having to refresh the page. It uses Stripe Checkout to overlay the page and then posts the donation through AJAX to keep your users engaged on your site. Whether it’s during a YouTube Video, Live Broadcast, Chatroom or other activity where you don’t want the user to navigate away from the current page or lose focus with task at hand, then this is the plugin for you! View some live demos.

What better way to see the plugin in action than to donate $1 to!!!

[stripe_donate amount=”100″ layout=”exact” button_label=”Donate $1″]


Easy to Setup

This plugin has a settings page where default values can be setup and donate button can be added using standard shortcodes, an ‘Add Donation’ media button or with PHP. This plugin was also developed with developers in mind. There are tons of attributes that can be passed to it, specific CSS classes in place to style your buttons however you need without having to override the plugin and also the ability to create custom layouts for your donation form.


This plugin uses Stripe’s own Stripe Checkout system which is automatically updated as they continue to improve and secure their system.

Stripe Notes

This plugin can only be used with a valid Stripe account that you must create at Stripe also recommends (if not requires) that your site utilize SSL (HTTPS) to make transactions.

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