YouTube Thumbnail Enhancer

Easily create youtube thumbnails with play buttons watermarked on the top.

Simple insert your YouTube ID (the one from the website, not the one from your wallet) and it will generate a thumbnail with a play button on top of the image.

It’s like carving a Thanksgiving dinner with that new knife your dad bought you the Christmas before and it just sat there waiting for the next Thanksgiving (many months) wishing to be used and finally pulled out of the third drawer down on the left of the oven and slicing through that bird like a Salisbury steak. Yum!

Adding icons on thumbnails has been statistically proven to increase click through rates in the woman 14-24 bracket. You can download the script from GitHub and install to your own server.

I shut down my image hosting service because people were hot-linking the files like crazy and slowing down my site. Go figure.

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