Hal Gatewood’s Career Timeline

Tech guy in Oklahoma City.
My day job is working on BibleTalk.tv. My startup is Zalongo. I occasionally make goofy videos. Here is a timeline of my career.

April, 2018

Started cooky new web series called Hal-To.

June 2017 - Present

Produced web series Non-Alcoholic Beverage Connoisseur where we’d drink weird beverages and laugh about it.

February, 2017

Did daily vlogging for 55 straight days. Grew my channel to a massive 100 subscribers.

Looking for something cool to add here. But mostly had a bunch of kids and did Dad stuff.

July, 2013

Was accepted into the Venture Spur accelerator with my startup Zalongo.

February, 2013

Created a Testimonial Rotator WordPress plugin. Currently active on over 50,000 websites.

January, 2013

Launched the Awesome Weather Widget PRO WordPress plugin to help supplement my income while I transitioned to working on BibleTalk.tv and my startup Zalongo.com

January 2013

Started part-time employment with BibleTalk.tv.

Feb. 2012 - Jan. 2013

OPUBCO - WordPress Developer

After departing Wimgo, I was rehired on at the main company to help build websites for the new SEOsalespro.com division at OPUBCO. This is where I developed my WordPress skills building websites for clients. This division is now called BigWing.

Clients included:

Braum’s, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, OKC Boathouse District, Tony’s Tree Plantation, O’Connor’s Lawn, Confluence Conference

Dec, 2012

Assistant edited Sleep Fighter with Kyle Roberts for a TV show called Viral Video Showdown which aired on Syfy.

Aug. 2011 to Dec. 2011

Wimgo - Frontend Developer

I joined the team as a front-end developer working on a brand new version of the website and apps. After several months the project was shut down.

August, 2011

Moved from Montréal to Oklahoma City

July 2009 - July 2011

Twist Image - Senior Web Developer / Tech Lead

Worked my way up to technology lead overseeing a group of programmers and front-end developers producing large-scale websites with tight deadlines. My main and final project was the revamp of the Van Houtte Coffee website. We mainly used the two PHP frameworks eZ Publish and Symfony.

Clients included:

Ski-Doo, Home Depot, Dairy Goodness, Dairy Nutrition, Dairy Farmers, All You Need is Cheese, Nice Cream, Telus, Van Houtte Coffee

Sept. 2009

One of my shirt ideas was featured on the front page of CafePress.

Jan. 2009 - July 2009

Fokus Media - Social Media Developer

I jumped to this position in the middle of the Social Media boom when we were still creating apps for Facebook tabs (uugh). Fokus Media had built an internet kiosk advertising platform for colleges in Canada. I developed Facebook apps, updated their website, designed and edited video ads for the network and built the Popularity App for Facebook which had 90,000 users at its peak. Eventually, I was crowned the 8-ball king of the company.

Clients included:

Bell, Rogers, Microsoft Zune HD, BiteTV

Sept. 2007 - Jan. 2009

iCongo - Coldfusion Developer

Began in the company as a junior Coldfusion developer learning their B2B apparel business. After some time, I was moved to a new division called iCongo Live where we attempted to recreate the College Application process in a virtual way. By the end of my time at iCongo, I was the lead developer for the division. This was my first taste of developing for big-name clients.

Clients included:

Aldo Shoes, Ardene, Bluenotes, Browns Shoes, CollegeWeek Live, CostumeHub, Danier, Garage, Globo Shoes, The Globe and Mail, Harry Rosen, HCL, HRSA, La Senza, Lord and Taylor, Platform Q, Sports Rousseau, Stitches, Suzy Shier, Top Consultants, U.S. Kids Golf, Undutchables

July, 2009

Created a popular “Federer is Betterer” shirt. Nike sent me an IP violation and then proceeded to make their own version.

Jan. 2007 - Sept. 2007

LogoBee - Web Designer/Developer

Started web design division for the company. Designed several websites. Built a custom CMS for clients to manage their own sites. Handled all client interaction, contracts and billing. Built web application that handled incoming logo orders and dramatically sped up order tracking and production. I also simplified the order showcasing to the logo clients, managed the affiliate program and improved email communication internally and externally by building custom systems. This increased company productivity substantially.

Clients included:

SI Corporation, Gelena on the Bay, Berchard Appraisal Services, Ark Royal Asset Management, Cynapus Marketing, Bestline Products, Sacred Lotus Clinic, Camelback Vending, Titan Engineering, Dearnature, Inc, Sol Pacific, American Garage Solutions, Specialized Metal Polishing, Victory Wealth Management, Village Car Wash, Kikkx


Began experimenting with live-streaming our Bible classes. We started with using Windows Encoder and having people connect directly to our computer in our church. With bandwidth for less than 10 viewers. Eventually, we were early adopters of Ustream.tv and even were featured on their homepage several times.

Aug. 2006

Moved from Oklahoma City to Montréal

Jan. 2005 - June 2007

4 Site Solutions - Web Designer

My main task was to design websites for clients. I also designed graphics, PDFs, logos and web updates for existing clients. Some occasional use with ASP, Flash, and Director.

Clients included:

The University of Oklahoma Press, Vanderbilt University Press, University of Nevada Press, University Press of California, University of Colorado Press, AirFlite, Inc, DeanBlevins.com, DK Data Sales, E-Z-1, General Plastics, Greg Burns Fine Art & Framing, Hypress Equipment, Oklahoma Pharmacists Association, Rayburn Electric Cooperative, The China Collection, The GHK Company, The Trails Golf Club, Vanguard Development Company, Villa de Roja

November, 2006

I built a silly website of my wife yawning and it was picked up on RocketBoom (one of the first daily web video series). It was 2006 viral for a day or two being reposted on CTV, NPR, Yahoo! and more.

April 2004 - present

1915 Studios - Freelance Developer

Out of college, I started trying to find web development projects while taking any gigs that I could find. This was my personal company I had set up for this work.

Clients included:

Legris Conservation, Hobby Bike, JK Style, Lucas Ross, Elite Termite and Pest Control, L’Informateur Biblique, Khristos.org, ruBible.com, Nick Smith Music, Great Lakes Bible College, Media Missions, 1915churches.com

Oct. 2004

Began work on BibleTalk.tv. 10 years later this would become my fulltime job. The above image is a custom Flash video player that was the main way we were presenting videos. We now get over 150,000 views per month on our YouTube channel alone.


I started at Oklahoma Christian University as an art major but graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interactive Multimedia. I learned Photoshop, HTML, 3D animation, video and audio production and even attempted to be the news anchor for the campus news program (great blooper reel available).