Google Home Hub

Today we look at a little screen that rakes leaves for you, we shall call them Boombas from this day forward.

Keurig K-Café

We give our taste buds a treat and fumble our way around until we get the perfect… thought I was going to give it away didn’t you? Ha. I never do, now where is my…

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Amazon Fire TV 4K

In this overly informative episode, we look at the Fire TV stick and see if it will solve all of Mike’s many problems.

WeMo Smart Plug

We get to try this out exactly once because it started to update on us. But I’m sure it’s wonderful.

Ryobi Hybrid Weed Wacker

It’s half power and half power. Never let empty batteries stop you from getting that perfect edge. This handy tool will get the whole yard done, no matter what.