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WordPress Plugin: Widgetable

Select Widgets per Page

I created a plugin for WordPress that allows you to select exactly which widgets you want on a specific page. I am currently using it on a live site: brucepiano.com and it is working well.


What it does

It creates a custom post type of Widget and adds a meta box with some select boxes to the edit page. A setting in ‘Settings -> Widgetable’ allows you to specify how many select boxes to show.

How to Use it

1. Download the plugin and install it like all other plugins.

2. Add the Widgetable Widget to your sidebar or put this function in your template:

<?php get_widgetables(); ?>

3. Create a few Widgetable Widgets in the left navigation.

4. Choose which Widgets to display on each page.


  1. Dynamically add select boxes with a plus sign on the edit page.
  2. Be able to specify that no widgets should be shown.

Download a copy, test it on your development server, fall in love and help make it even better. Thanks Kickstarter… you’re not kickstarter?

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