Wireless High Definition Confidence Monitor on the Pulpit

Dr. Stafford North advancing his own slides at the pulpit with the Splashtop Remote Streamer App on an iPad.

This weekend we figured out a really cool solution for our confidence monitor problems at church. (My wife’s idea!) We currently have a 22 inch LCD monitor located on the side wall. Which has a few problems:

  1. Aging eyes not being able to read from it.
  2. Not available when we move the pulpit to the back of the auditorium for classes.
  3. Having to turn your head over to look at the monitor (not a big one but still could be better).

Our new solution includes the following:

  1. Apple iPad – roughly $329
  2. Splashtop Remote Desktop App – Free
  3. Splashtop Desktop Streamer – Free
  4. Computer running Powerpoints – Already owned
  5. WiFi – Already available

You do not necessarily need an iPad, you can use any device that has a Splashtop app available. For instance most Android devices like the NookGalaxy Tab or Kindle Fire should have Splashtop support. You probably have one of these available already which means you could have a confidence monitor setup for free or less than $20 depending on the app you want.

How to get it setup:

Splashtop streamer is a desktop app that allows you to control your computer from a remote application. You install it on your computer running your songs and powerpoints slides. This is very easy and the installer walks you through the process. In theory, you could use almost any remote desktop app. I happen to use Splashtop because it is reliable and has some great options like showing arrow keys, so the presenter can navigate through their own slides.

After you get your Nexus connected to the WiFi in your building and the streamer app installed, you will be able to see your powerpoint computers in the list of available connections. Your Nexus will now be able to see anything on the computer.

Our powerpoint computer has an external monitor that shows exactly what the projector is displaying. In the Splashtop app, you can choose which monitor you want to display. Choose the secondary display and the monitor is ready.

We plan to attach the iPad to the pulpit with a strip of velcro. You could get fancy and buy some kind of mount. We choose to have the monitor be completely hidden and lay flat on the pulpit. One idea would be to carve out a little groove in the pulpit top so it would lay flush.

Hope this helps you out.