WordPress: Best Custom Post Type Plugins

Simple Answer:

Advanced Custom Fields



While building a piano website for my friend using WordPress I have been working with Custom Post Types. I needed to add custom fields to the new ‘Piano’ post type that I created for different piano specs, like finish, year built, etcs.

I started out using the Simple Fields plugin and everything seemed to be going well. After building everything out and adding a piano inventory of 35 pianos using this plugin I ran into some problems.

Problems I had with the Simple Fields Plugin
1) The HTML editor was jacking with other elements on the page. 2) The checkbox field does not store a value in the database if the box is not checked, meaning you can’t search for something if the column doesn’t exist, use Radio buttons for True/False Values.

Benefits of Advanced Custom Fields
After playing with the Simple Fields Plugin I wanted more. I begin testing a few other plugins and came across the advanced custom fields plugin. From the start this plugin is super easy to setup and get going. It also has a really nice set of fields available. My personal opinion but the styling of this plugin is very nice as well.

Benefits of Simple Custom Post Types
Adding custom post types manually isn’t all that hard and with this plugin it’s super simple. Install it and follow the form. You’ll be building in no time.

If you’ve made it this far in my entry, thank you. I hope the information I have provided will save you some time and trouble.