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Hal Gatewood
makes silly videos.

'90s Nostalgia

Totatally 80's

Musicals without all that singing

Videos Under 90 Minutes

Videos probably not including Dwayne Johnson

Series with a lowercase S

Goalie Wars - Rounds 1 to 4

Goalie Wars - Rounds 5+

Videos that are not watching the Women's World Cup because the shorts are too short.

The best videos you haven't watch yet.

Another row of series

Future Classics

For fans of the Andy Griffith Show.

Series you can't not live out your life without

Videos on a news fast since 2016

Videos about building your own "weather balloon"

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Videos with a nasty case of Flu A.

Videos that voted after they died. Twice.

Goalie Wars
These heavyweights of the backyard duke it out.
Watch the Battle

Videos that quit Twitter, well maybe

Videos not containing Elon Musk

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Videos that refuse to live on planet Mars

Series the Queen would have liked

The Queen's favorite videos of mine

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King Charles' favs

Videos also not allowed to play in the US Open

Brand New Sprité!
We are first to get your hands on the new Sprite. Now if you would kindly remove your hands.
Be First!

Introducing Amazing Products...

Videos that got COVID again, after their third booster

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Videos that might scare you

Videos that are lactose tolerant

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VR is Difficult
I dive into the work of Virtual Reality and break things.
Watch Without Goggles

Videos that didn't watch Maverick

Faithful Wretch
Titus West is back with a brand new music video for his latest song.
Check it Out

Pick up where you left off

Let's re-edit some commercials into more realistic versions.

Series with talking in them

Videos that weren't vaccinated but are still alive

Another video of ours that involves cookies.
Get the Milk
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Summertime favorites*

Drinking way too many Red Bulls.
The drinks that is, not the animals. I didn't even know you could drink animals!

Celebrating July 4th every July 4th.

How to cut your hair at home.
Stylish haircuts don't cut themselves. Hal brings you some amazing tips on creating that perfect new look you've never wanted.

You'll laugh until you realize your weren't laughing

eBike Battery Testing
Titus West and I took to the bike paths to see what these electric bikes could really do.
Let's Ride
Ironing and Jazz
Learn how to properly iron a shirt in a calming and relaxing mood.

For my liberal friends

For my conservative friends

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For my friends who didn't vote

Time to delete your Facebook page
This riveting Hal To will show you how to kick the habit.
Learn more

Social Videos Impacting Climate Biology

Weed eater nearly eats my face.
We check out this cool hybrid weed eater by Ryobi and I nearly lose my fingers.
Don't Watch

Probably can skip these ones...

Do you want a standing desk?
Well you wont after this spellbinding documentary short on standing desks.

Oskar winners

We made this great spoof video a long time ago. Still great.
Old School

Watch more videos instead of doing something with your life

Unpopular movies and TV – Free with ads

How to Pick up a Cat
In this second take, I show you how to properly pick up your cat without hurting the stinky little poof ball.
Watch and Learn

Answering the question: "What is a Man?"

Series for People Who Watch Series

We dive deep into the world of COVID protection. Join us on this amazing journey of capitalism.
Breath Easy

Videos with buttons to start the video

Hard news and journalism without the fluff.

Dance videos with less twirling.

Watch it again... for some reason

My Only Harry Potter Video
Most people try to milk something until it runs out. Not me. We only gave one crack at the bat for this hot topic. You're welcome. The donation button is over there.

Viral video series that never hit.

Amplify Hispanic and Latino voices

Because of Mental Health Awareness Month you should probably skip these

TV Classics with a strong black lead

$399 or less movie deals

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Last row of videos

You couldn't find anything above this to watch?!
Well let me reward you with this unlisted gem. My daughter is fully committed to team Goofball. In fact we had to uncommit her just to shoot this video!
Reach for the Stars

Hal Gatewood

Christian. Husband. Father. Goofball.
Technology Manager for BibleTalk.tv