The Best Vlogging Camera and Gear

I daily vlogged for 55 straight days in 2017. It was difficult. Here are some of the things I learned. During this time, I have used a few different microphones and setups. This is the current…

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FiLMic Pro and Premiere Pro

After two rough days having to re-encode all my footage for my VLOG using Handbrake, I think I’ve finally found the right setup for my FiLMic Pro app and editing in Premiere Pro. Quick Answer: AIFF…

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Creating an Alexa Skill

I have been trying to use the self-hosted HTTPS version for months (with the valid-request PHP code to handle certificates, etc.) and have never been able to get it to complete their validation/submission process. I even…

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Free App Icon Social Media Buttons

I’ve created a simple and nice set of free social media buttons that look like 3D app icons. The logos are copyright the respected brand owers, the button designers are free to use on commercial…

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SlideTrackr V2

Have you ever wanted to keep track of slides during a presentation so you can go back and easily create a video or Audio Slideshare? Well now you can with Slidetrackr. How to use it: – Before and After

OPUBCO launched a new version of in 2012. Here are some before and after photos. I worked there at the time and was the lead WordPress developer on the redesign.    

WordPress: Best Custom Post Type Plugins

Simple Answer: Advanced Custom Fields   Why? While building a piano website for my friend using WordPress I have been working with Custom Post Types. I needed to add custom fields to the new ‘Piano’…

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Test your website at different widths

I built a tool for you to test the responsiveness of your site. It’s based off another one out there, but it has a few more features that I think you will find helpful.

iOS5 iCloud Linen Background Pattern

Here are the linen background patterns used on Apple’s (2012). These are slowly going out of style  in the Apple world, but they are still pretty clean. Use them today for free in your…

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Free PHP List Files in a Directory Script

After finding a bunch of ugly scripts to display files in a directory, I finally created my own. It’s one simple file: index.php. Just drop it into your folder and you’re done. Grab the file…

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