Awesome Weather Widget Pro - $22.00

The most beautiful weather widget for WordPress, improved!
55% humidity
wind: 8mph NNW
H 93 • L 69

The graphics found on weather widgets are horrible. Finally you've found a super clean weather widget! My Awesome Weather Widget is the perfect companion to your beautiful and well crafted website.

Pro Features

In this pro version of the free Awesome Weather Widget we've added some great features:

Version 1.1 Under Development - June, 2015
Features completed in realtime:

  • User Location using HTML5 Geolocation, with Search Box Fallback
  • 2 new themes
  • Update weather icons font, including nighttime icons (Yahoo Only)
  • Include up to 15 days of forecast (OpenWeatherMap only)
  • Different Backgrounds for Different Weather
  • Calling Yahoo! Weather through office API instead of RSS
  • Yahoo! weather calls through HTTPS
  • Shorter 30 minute cache time by default
  • Ability to have multiple widgets with different weather providers on the same page via shortcode parameter

Upcoming Features

  • Auto detect C or F depending on location
  • Media Button to Create Shortcode in Posts/Pages
  • Video Backgrounds

Style meets function

The Awesome Weather Widget is beautiful right out of the box. It has great features like custom background images and multiple layouts to fit your site. The PRO version of the weather widget is developer friendly and has the ability to create custom layouts.


The PRO version uses a different .pot file from the free version. If you translated the free version, you will have to re-translate for the PRO version. Many of the translations are the same however the PRO version has all the weather descriptions in the .pot file.

Languages included in the PRO:

  • Spanish - by Jose G.
  • Italian - Added Jan 2nd, 2015
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - Added Jan 2nd, 2015

Server Requirements

This plugin requires PHP 5.3+ to be installed. It also uses 'wp_remote_get' to ping remote systems in order to get relevant data.


You may use the Awesome Weather Widget Pro on an unlimited number of sites and contains lifetime updates.

Note on Purchase: This plugin utilizes data from third party companies that we are not associated with and that provide the weather data as-is. While we will make every effort to connect to that data properly we cannot control the data they return to your weather widget. *The User Location API uses your users IP to attempt to location your users. This service is not 100% accurate and never will be. If a suitable location is not located it will fall back to your default location. The example widget at the top of this page is using the 'Location API,' please test with this widget to determine if the system will work in your location.



Changelog - Jan 2nd, 2015
Italian and Portuguese (Brazil) languages added. CSS tweak to the main temperature to prevent it from dropping to two lines. - June 8th, 2014
Update to clear cache button

1.0.7 - June 8th, 2014
Fixed problems with settings being setup as constants. Also fixed the clear cache button. It was still trying to clear the old transient names.

1.0.6 - June 3th, 2014
Added checks to improve reliability with certain system setups. Added a second constant for setting the weather provider globally in a multisite setup: 'AWESOME_WEATHER_PRO_PROVIDER'.

1.0.5 - May 29th, 2014
Fixes to the Forecast, transient caching and switched to a new IP location lookup service.

1.0.4 - May 26th, 2014
Added a constant for registering updates. 'AWESOME_WEATHER_PRO_LICENSE' can be set in the wp-config.php for multisite updates.