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The most beautiful weather widget for WordPress, improved!

The graphics found on weather widgets are lousy and outdated. Finally, you’ve found a super clean weather widget! My Awesome Weather Widget is the perfect companion to your beautiful and well-crafted website.

Awesome Weather Widget is
trusted by over 30,000 sites!


There are five new layouts added in the Pro version along with the wide and tall found in the free version.

Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_1" override_title="Material" location="San Diego" size="material" forecast_days="5" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Material" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"]

Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_2" override_title="Micro" location="San Diego" size="micro" forecast_days="3" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Micro" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"]

Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_3" override_title="Showcase" location="San Diego" size="showcase" forecast_days="3" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Showcase" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"]

Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_4" provider="openweathermaps" override_title="Boxed" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="boxed" forecast_days="4" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Boxed" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"]

Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_5" provider="openweathermaps" override_title="Long" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="long" forecast_days="5" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Long" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"]

Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_6" override_title="Wide" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="wide" custom_bg_color="#fff" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Wide" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"]

Shortcode: [awesome-weather id="awe_7" override_title="Tall" owm_city_id="5391811" location="San Diego" size="tall" forecast_days="5" show_icons="1" background_by_weather="1" extended_text="Size: Tall" ajax="1" use_user_location="1" allow_user_to_change="1"]

Style meets function

The Awesome Weather Widget is beautiful right out of the box. It has great features like custom background images and multiple layouts to fit your site. The PRO version of the weather widget is developer friendly (complete filter list) and has the ability to create custom layouts.

Pro Features

In this pro version of the free Awesome Weather Widget I’ve added some great features:

  • Dark Sky support now in version 3.0
  • Weather-based on user location, IP lookup, HTML5 Geolocation and Search Box Fallback***
  • Weather Icons
  • AJAX loading option
  • Five new layouts: micro, showcase, long, boxed and material
  • Ability to make custom layouts
  • Media box above the WYSIWYG editor that helps you create shortcodes in your posts and pages.


The PRO version uses a different .pot file from the free version. If you translated the free version, you will have to update the PRO version. Many of the translations are the same however the PRO version has all the weather descriptions in the .pot file to work with Yahoo. The following languages have already been machine-translated to the latest updates: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Catalan, German, French, Dutch, Russian and Swedish.

New in Version 3.0

  • Dark Sky Weather Provider

Next Big Features:

  • Gutenberg Block

Server Requirements

This plugin requires PHP 5.3+ to be installed. It also uses ‘wp_remote_get’ to ping remote systems in order to get relevant data.


Your purchase includes 1 year of updates and support. You can register your plugin in the ‘Settings’ -> ‘Awesome Weather’ page in your WordPress admin. Sometimes you may need to deactivate your plugin before the update can take place. Purchases prior to September 19th, 2019 include lifetime updates.


Through email, I can help fix issues and bugs. I am also willing to help with small layout issues like responsive design sizing help or colors, however, bigger theme changes are not included with your payment.

Purchase Notes:

  1. Data – This plugin utilizes weather data from OpenWeatherMap. I am not associated with (nor have any relationship with them) and so the weather data is provided as-is. While I will make every effort to connect to that data properly and display it properly, I cannot control the data they return to your weather widget.
  2. *** Weather data based on IP will never be 100% accurate and can potentially use a lot of your monthly request allotment. You can read how it works here. Please test with the demo widgets to determine if my plugin will work in your location and for your needs. Since each user will have a new request for their location, this can cause a lot of requests to the weather provider and slow down your site. It can also max out the free weather data plans rather quickly.
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