CreateSpace Jacket Dimension Calculator

I’ve been using Amazon’s CreateSpace to make our BibleTalk Books for a couple years and every time I had to figure out the exact sizes to make the covers. Now all the hard work is done for me. Simply add your page count, book size and paper color and it will give you the width More…

Stripe Donations for WordPress

Easily add a donate button to your site using Stripe Checkout

Dashicons for Custom Post Types

The Dashicons + Custom Post Types plugin allows you to keep the WordPress admin menu as clean as possible. When your building new custom post types for your clients your default icon in the admin menu is the pin. With my plugin you can easily and quickly change all the custom post type icons to match the rest of the icons in the menu.

Easy Digital Downloads – Auto Plugin Updater

Add the ability for your plugins to be auto-updated in EDD.

Awesome Color Palettes WordPress Plugin

Beautiful color palettes for inspiration on your next project.

Small Business Specials – WordPress Plugin

A handy & easy way to manage and display your company specials.

Awesome Weather Widget – WordPress Plugin

Finally a beautiful weather widget for your beautiful web site.

HG Slider – WordPress Plugin

Add Flexslider Rotators to your WordPress themes that are easy to maintain by your clients.

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