Easily Test Mobile Deep Links

I created a quick tool to test deep linking to your apps. You can do this in your simulator. Simple insert the deep link and click enter. Then on the next screen you will get a…

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Dashicons for Custom Post Types

The Dashicons + Custom Post Types plugin allows you to keep the WordPress admin menu as clean as possible. When your building new custom post types for your clients your default icon in the admin menu is the pin. With my plugin you can easily and quickly change all the custom post type icons to match the rest of the icons in the menu.

Testimonial Rotator

WordPress plugin where you can easily add Testimonials to your WordPress Blog or Company Website.


WordPress plugin that allows you to specify exactly which custom widgets you want on a per page/post basis.

Easy Nutrition Facts Label

A super simple WordPress plugin that creates a ‘nutrition-label’ custom post type which can be assigned to any page or post.


This is a little page I use to keep track of when a presenter has switched slides during a presentation. I take a screenshot at the end so when I am editing the video afterward, I know where each slide should go. Optimized to work on iPad.