Which Flavour? – Red Bull Edition

The grocery aisle these days can be daunting, so in this exciting new video, Titus and Hal help you decide which flavour to purchase. We start with Red Bull because it gives you wings and…

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Mystery Drink Friday – Green Edition

Meg brings a gross beverage I have had before: Suja Greens. I am nice, however, and get Good 2 Grow apple juice with an Aladdin’s Jasmine no spill lid.

Liquified McChickens

Titus and Hal make good on their bad promises to liquify McDonald’s McChickens in a super trusty Black and Decker blender. In this vomit inducing episode, we stretch Titus’ stomach to the limits. Sit back,…

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V8 Splash Smoothie – Strawberry Banana

My trusty nephew is pleasantly surprised with a smoothie* beverage. After a mistaken identity as Pepto Bismol, we dive into the pretend smoothie world of fake smoothies.

Health-Ade Rose Kombucha

Hal and Titus venture into the deep dark world of fermented tea. Just a heads up: don’t look up how this stuff is made, it will ruin everything for you.

Jolt Cola

All the sugar and twice the caffeine should be (and could be) the motto for every drink in the world. Way to go Jolt. Lead the charge.

Bang Energy Drink

Two guys drink two bang energy drinks in less than 5 minutes and live to tell the tale.

Mamma Chia Seed Squeeze

Season 3 of the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Connoisseur brings us a new co-host Titus! As well as squeezing gross seeds into our mouths on purpose.


We’ve had it up to here (no here) with the horrible packaging these cookie makers are trying to push on us. Talk to Pepperidge Farm already and slap them in a bag.


Who is looking after the stay-at-home moms? Who’s detracting them from their real jobs of raising the next generation? Scentsy, that’s who and we’ve had enough. Enough is enough. We’re burning the CHASING FIREFLIES WARMER…

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We’ve had it with all the garbage that big business is trying to push with their agendas and planners. We’re going to burn all the products they put out… after we purchase all the products…

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Tik Tok

In this new take on Vine, I learn that I’m aging way too quickly for this younger generation. It’s all yours kids and you can keep it.


From the makers of some famous game* you can now shoot kitty cats all over the place. I got a little zonkered by it, but my kids took to it easily.


Crazy car chance game where the cops are always after you. Be careful when you get close to the edges, it’s a long way down.