Bang Energy Drink

Two guys drink two bang energy drinks in less than 5 minutes and live to tell the tale.

Mamma Chia Seed Squeeze

Season 3 of the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Connoisseur brings us a new co-host Titus! As well as squeezing gross seeds into our mouths on purpose.


We’ve had it up to here (no here) with the horrible packaging these cookie makers are trying to push on us. Talk to Pepperidge Farm already and slap them in a bag.


Who is looking after the stay-at-home moms? Who’s detracting them from their real jobs of raising the next generation? Scentsy, that’s who and we’ve had enough. Enough is enough. We’re burning the CHASING FIREFLIES WARMER…

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We’ve had it with all the garbage that big business is trying to push with their agendas and planners. We’re going to burn all the products they put out… after we purchase all the products…

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Tik Tok

In this new take on Vine, I learn that I’m aging way too quickly for this younger generation. It’s all yours kids and you can keep it.


From the makers of some famous game* you can now shoot kitty cats all over the place. I got a little zonkered by it, but my kids took to it easily.


Crazy car chance game where the cops are always after you. Be careful when you get close to the edges, it’s a long way down.

Drive and Park

In this easy car slider, we slide our way into the perfect parking spot. Fun for a while, can’t see playing this for a long time.


Time back go through the puzzle level of time space continuum challenging the level of the personal hard ship when can’t feel my feet.

Stack AR

In this stacking puzzler, I stack make-believe things on to my make-believe desk. Wait. Wait. Wait. I don’t know what is real anymore. HELLLLLP!


In this non winter app, only called FROST because it’s ice baby. Send the particles and or agents to their nuclei.

Trick Shot 2

Be Dude Perfect with this super Trick Shot app, the second edition. It will challenge your sense of balance, it will challenge your sense stability, it will challenge your sense of smell.

Tomb of the Mask

In this slider, puzzler, exploder, headache inducer of a game you slide around the screen while collecting things and then you watch ads.

Bacon the Game

In this delightful game, you flip bacon onto things. It’s an idea that comes by once in a lifetime…. wait they have a whole series of these games?!

Geometry Dash

Not sure if I just have the hand eye coordination of a baboon, but I couldn’t get this one going. Sorry nephews!