Good List of Banned Names for WordPress Multisite

Here is a nice list of subdomains you should remove on a WordPress multisite.

Use HTTPS with the Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

By default the checkout process on the Easy Digital Downloads plugin is not secure. Here is my super simple solution to handling this without a plugin.

WordPress: Accessing the 3.8+ Color Palettes

In this post I’ll show you how to hack into the new admin color palettes so you can style your WordPress plugins to match the current admin styles.

WordPress 3.8: New Admin Menu Icons

How to use custom icons for your menu items in the WordPress admin.

PaidMembershipsPro: Expire all Members at the End of the Year

Here is a code snippet that shows you how to set all of your members expiration dates to the same time.

A version of jQuery Cycle2 Compatible with Cycle1

I’ve been having a lot of jQuery conflicts with my WordPress plugins. To combat this I created a version of the jQuery Cycle to be compatible with other plugins that use Cycle.

WordPress 3.6: Using has_shortcode when enqueueing scripts

WordPress 3.6 introduced a new function called has_shortcode, here is a way to use it with your CSS and JS scripts.

WordPress Insert Media Tip

A quick tip for inserting media into your WordPress admin. This will save you a good amount of time.

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