Testimonial Rotator

Create and rotate testimonials with ease. View Plugin

Testimonials Page and Archive Page Are Not Showing

Resaving your permalinks will make these pages come to life. This can be done under ‘Settings’ -> ‘Permalinks’

Creating Placeholders for your Themes

If you want to add some locations in a theme for testimonials to appear, follow this tutorial.

Available Filters

Here is a rundown of all the filters available for you to use and add functionality to your rotator.

Changing Stars to Something Else

Easily change the stars to a different icon.

Centering the Stars

How to center the star rating

Changing the number of testimonials per rotator

This article shows you how to change the number of testimonials to display when using ‘format=list’ in your shortcode.

How to Change the Testimonials Slug

By default this plugin creates a testimonial archive page. This code snippet allows you to change what the url (or slug) will be.

How to Change the Speed of the Testimonials Widget

This article shows you how to add some simple code to your site to change the speed of your rotator.

Paging the Format List View

Easily add pagination to your listview of testimonials.

Adding Previous / Next Buttons to a Rotator

Here is how to easily add prev/next button to your testimonial rotator. Also some guidance on styling them to match your theme.

Changing the color of the stars

Easily change the star rating color with one line of CSS.

Changing the Order

In this article I’ll give you a small snippet that allows you to change the order the testimonials appear in your rotator.

Removing the Testimonial Archive Page

Add this filter to remove the archive page created by this plugin.

Reverting to an older version of the plugin

How to reload any old version of this plugin in case something goes wrong.