Grace – Coconut Water

The tall ripply can leads me to believe I am about to drink something soup related. The ‘with pulp (jelly)’ label is starting to scare me. Could this really be the ‘Ultimate Thirst Quencher?’ The container says that it is a product of Thailand just below a Jamaican flag, that explains a lot.

There is barely a smell, but just enough of something to let me know this might not be the beverage of my dreams. It reminds me of the beach just not the joyous parts of the beach.

Oh noco! This was not something I want to remember. Just thinking about my drink is making me feel a little queasy. Beverages with stuff floating around in them gives my brain the impression that something in the brewing process went terribly wrong. I don’t recommend this drink and will be checking with my doctor for any ringworms that have been inserted into my system.

This can was 99 cents and was 99 cents overpriced. I wouldn’t serve this in a soup kitchen.