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Mike & Hal's Mystery Unboxing Spectacular

Mike & Hal's Mystery Unboxing Spectacular

Hal scours the entire universe for amazing things to take out of boxes and bags. He then delivers them to Mike who has no idea what is before him.
16 episodes
1. We don’t know how to tea press. 2. Weed eater nearly eats my face. 3. How to get fake tattoos fast. 4. Epic garden gloves with death claws. 5. Donald Trump 8 ball predicts u future. 6. Google Home Hub spies on us from time to time. 7. Keurig K-Café makes coffee for coffee people. 8. We posed for this thumbnail to get more views. It didn’t work. 9. This mini projector has high meow factor. 10. I explain Smart TVs to the old guy. 11. We use a smart plug to turn on a light literally within arms length of us. 12. A GoPro light ring makes a fine hat. 13. Someone sent us a pocket knife in 2020. 14. BioVYZR 1.0 Unboxing - Part 1 15. BioVYZR 1.0 Unboxing - Part 2 16. The transparent face mask taking the world by a storm

Hal Gatewood

Christian. Husband. Father. Goofball.
Technology Manager for BibleTalk.tv